Training Mods

We build mods that make training and warming up better, faster and more fun. We love this game, and we love building things for it. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy working on it! 



Duels is our fast paced training mod vs other players which puts you in real fights, in real scenarios that you would get into in a match on real maps. Many Pros love our Mod as it puts you in the most realistic gun fights, faster than any other form of practice, thus resulting in the best practice


Prefire (coming soon...)

Prefire places you in common spots/angles/scenarios that you would get into in real matches and tests your ability/speed/reaction time to clearing/covering and killing bots on real maps. Your time is recorded and displayed for everyone to see and the top of the leader boards wins prizes each month.


loopr (coming soon...)

Loopr is the operating name of our new custom training mod and analysis tool for both newer teams/players as well as Pro teams. It is currently in early stages of development, stay tuned!