PreGame partners with FACEIT to Launch CSGO Training Platform, $5,000 launch tournament, and more!

My name is Michael “MaestrO” Bulostin, I am a long time Counter-Strike player and esports enthusiast. I was part of the team that built Boomeo (previous training website with videos from tier 1 pros and training mods like duels and prefire) that many of you used in 2017. I am excited to announce the launch of

PreGame looks to start a new chapter in the creation of premium self-improvement mods. With hundreds of pros and tens of thousands of players having enjoyed the Duels & Prefire warm up mods in the past, PreGame is now re-launching the mods and continue helping players improve their in-game skills with new mods.

Since discovering the Hubs tool on FACEIT we thought it was the best opportunity to integrate our services to the platform and offer the community the chance to compete in a warmup environment on a common battleground where players can improve their skills while utilizing all the features that hubs offer, including anti-cheat client, chat, and leaderboards that reward top performers with prizes!

How does the Duels Mod Work?

Duels is our fast paced training mod vs other players which puts you in real fights, in replicable scenarios that you would get into in a match on real competitive maps such as Cache, Mirage, Inferno, Train, and Overpass (Nuke, Dust2, and Cobblestone coming soon!). Many pros love our mod as it puts them in the most realistic gun fights, faster than any other form of practice, thus resulting in the best practice.

All the members of the PreGame hubs will be able to use the features that the FACEIT Hubs offer, such as chat, leaderboards with prizes and the anticheat, all of this hopefully improving the overall experience of training on our mods.

The hubs can be found here -

PreGame aspires to be the community’s go-to resource and destination to improve your skills. This is the first iteration of our premium mods, and with the community’s support, PreFire, Loopr, and more will be out very soon! We plan to support the community with a lot of prizes and incentives to become the best in our competitions. There will be a soft paywall that allows players to support our project,help it grow and turn it into a self-sustainable project that will last for years.


  • Competitive Duels mod via FACEIT with prizes!

  • Casual public duels for warmup

  • PreFire Mod COMING SOON!

Launch Tournament Sponsored by Ultimate.GG:

  • Date: February 24-25

  • Prize Pool: $5,000 + 100k FACEIT POINTS

  • Entry Fee: Open / follow PreGame’s Hub + Socials

Our goal is to keep supporting the CSGO community by creating more innovative mods that everyone here might find valuable for their personal improvement in the game. We have big plans in the future and we hope you guys will like what we have in store for you. Make sure to register on our website, follow us on Twitter, and join our Discord community to stay up to date on exciting news, giveaways, and more! Please feel free to throw us some feedback and/or questions, as we are always looking for opportunities to improve! We are also looking for volunteers to help curate and moderate the community, so feel free to reach through our various channels if you are interested. Cheers!

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